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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Importance of Therapeutic Yoga

Therapeutic Yoga is a complement to The Open Door, an additional doorway towards greater health and well-being where you can learn to:
  • gain acceptance of "what is," recognize & appreciate your strengths, rather than emphasize weakness
  • honor limitations and find the power and possibilities within real or perceived limits
  • honor your condition, disease or disability without mourning or over-identifying with it
  • recognize and use specific actions to alleviate pain and discomfort 

Yoga therapeutics are effective for relieving:

  • tension and deterioration in neck & shoulders, hips & knees
  • headaches, abdominal and digestive distress
  • high blood pressure
  • long term physical and emotional effects of chronic conditions

An intentional focus on therapeutic aspects of yoga is :

        * Informative, in that we learn to listen to our bodies,
            honor and accept our selves as we are
        * Practical, because we can learn asana, pranayama and
           meditation to promote healing, reduce negative energy,
           remove obstacles, relieve stress and live more fully  
        * Inspirational, in that this is Effective, IT WORKS
The benefits are profound:                         
      * creating inner & outer strength and stability
      * redefining personal capabilities & potential
      * enhancing balance and controlled movement           
      * improving flexibility of the spine                      
      * deepening relaxation, quieting the mind
      * initiating internal processes that inspire healing

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